BPE Agency FAQ | Frequently asked questions

Why should I use BPE Agency?

-We are one of the largest, most trusted Booking and Touring agencies in the country. BPE Agency Staff has over 22+ years in entertainment industy. We specialize multimedia marketing, Touring, artist development, branding and event planning.

Advantages of using BPE Agency VS Contacting Artist directly?

-We have direct relationships with managers, labels and record executives the help expedite the booking request such as Promotional pictures, Artist Drops, Meet and Greets, possibility negotiate better price, Fast response time, 24/7 Customer support and help promote your event on varies social media platforms. 

How do I book a Artist?

-Contact our staff, let us know the talent you are looking to book. Once we have confirmed date and price with Management a contract will be issued from BPE Legal Deparment (No Gmail). 

What type of Talent do you book?

-BPE Agency book all types of talent from Hip Hop, R&B, Host, EDM, DJ's, Models and more. Talent not listed on our roster please email roster@BPEBooking.com for details.

Where are you located?

-BPE Agency Main Office is Located in Addison, TX (Upscale Suburb of Dallas, come see us.)

Where will my money go?

- Deposits sent to a BPE Agency LLC Escrow Account. All deposit must be confirmed by BPE Agency accounting department by Bank confirmation #.

Who does your contract?

- All Contracts are done by a attorney from our BPE Legal Team in Santa Monica office.

When will I receive contracts?

-Contracts will be sent 24 hours after we confimed Date and price with management.

What Happen if the Artist doesn't Show up?
-Buyer will receive Full artist fee due to unforeseen circumstances involving artist.

Will I get Promo Pictures for artist promotion?

-BPE Agency will send Promotional Pictures and music via email per purchaser request.

Does BPE Agency help Promote your event?

-BPE Agency will post Your flyer or video on All @BPEBooking Social Media Platforms.

Well I get a Audio or Video Drop from Artist?

-Artist promotional drops are available Per Request from purchaser by select artist.

Who Own's BPE Agency?

- BPE Agency is owned by Terral T. Slack

Can I make BPE Agency a offer for talent using the Text Line 24/7 A Day?

-Yes, you can send BPE Agency a offer via Text 24/7. We will response with 24 Hours (646-801-1BPE) 

Do you Beat Prices?

-BPE Agency will Beat or Match prices for select artist.

Where are BPE Agency reviews?

-Reviews are available online​​ Here​​​​​​​

How Long have you been in Business?

BPE Agency has been in Business for over 11 Years.

How do I get added to the Roster?

-In order to be added to BPE Agency you must submit your music and EPK to music@BPEAgency.com 

Can I open up for Artist, do you help promote indie artist?

-BPE Agency offers Indie Artist Packages that can potentially allow select artist to open for select events.